Hello, and welcome to my portfolio!11002582_10206743792420254_2564408551776811067_n

I am a recent graduate from the University of Minnesota.  This past spring (2015) I received a Bachelor’s degree in Scientific and Technical Communication with a subfocus in Biological and Health Sciences.  This portfolio is a method of charting my learning progress throughout the process of earning a degree and transitioning to using technical skills in the workplace.  I want to show that though I am pursuing a degree in a technical field, I can include creativity in my work and make it both more interesting and more readable.  Technical writing should not have to be flat and dull, and I strive to add the vigor to my work that creativity lends.

Additionally, I’ve become enamored with user experience analysis and usability, and have spent the past couple of years learning about usability testing and performing it, both as a joint project and a solo senior project.

I have two particular examples of my writing: a portfolio of writings concerning the Central Corridor Light Rail, and an executive summary from my senior project in memo format.  Each example highlights a particular area focus in my my major, but the idea of creativity within documentation and technical writing applies to each of them through either actual writing, subject, or design.

Take a look at my featured examples of writing, enjoy yourself, and don’t forget to check out my creative writing page and education and experience page.  Also, if you’d like to contact me, feel free to do so via my contact page!

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