About Me

I enjoy doing a lot of things, but my one main passion is writing, whether that be technical writing or creative writing.  I dream about publishing works of fiction, primarily fantasy-based works, but I also enjoy writing poetry and short stories.  I have even had a few pieces of poetry published in The Rapids Review, Anoka-Ramsey Community College’s student literary and arts magazine (which you can view here), and received the 2013 Outstanding Student Award for Contribution to the Literary Magazine, which you can see here (my name is in the first sectioned list).

While writing is my primary interest, I also enjoy drawing, photography, and art in general, as well as singing in a community choir and a church choir.  I also love to sail, and am working on refurbishing a 21-foot sailboat with my father, in preparation for the upcoming summer.  I enjoy horseback riding whenever I can manage it, and like to fish as well.  I have spent around 15 years playing piano and still learn new things all the time.  In addition to all that, I am an avid reader and devour any and all printed word I can get my hands on.

I also particularly enjoy reading about anything scientific, particularly health-related subjects and biology in general.  Usability is another field I enjoy working in and studying about, since it is so vital (and yet somehow, not very well-understood by most people).  I simply can’t get enough of knowledge, and I never tire of learning new things.

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